Have A Loved One Aging In Place?

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Have A Loved One Aging In Place?

Simplify Their Life With These Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas


Home maintenance challenges are one of the biggest threats to our loved ones who are aging in place. The concerns over safety and security are a close second. So why not consider a thoughtful holiday gift this year that will lessen these burdens.


Let’s look at some gifts that will alleviate your loved one’s stress, give their wallet a boost, and most importantly, free them up for some time experiencing life’s joys, instead of dreaded housework.


  • Seasonal Snow Removal Snow removal can be risky business for the anyone, let alone the elderly, so take this chore off your loved one’s “to do” list. The national average for snow removal services is $116. But if you reside in an area where you typically see heavy snowfall averages, you may want to consider a seasonal contract.


  • A Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell There’s a couple of great advantages of a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell that shows who’s knocking directly on the homeowner’s smartphone. First, if your loved one flies south for the winter, they’ll be able to see who’s visiting from the warm, cozy comfort of their southern residence. Or, if they’re home, they can see who’s ringing without having to get up. This eliminates trips to the door for unwanted solicitors and keeps them safe from approaching the door for strangers. Review which model might be best for your loved one.


  • A Medical Alert System When you give this gift, you may not just be giving your loved one emergency response around the clock, but you may be gifting yourself valuable peace of mind. Medical alert systems with 24 hour monitoring capabilities can allow your loved one to remain independent with a check and balance system in place. For example, they can track medication use, and report back if medicine was missing, or alert of an emergency if too many pills were used. Wearable devices that come with the unit also report a fall, or give an opportunity to report feeling ill so proper emergency assistance can be dispatched. Research which systems are highly rated.


  • Lawn Service Face it, lawns can be a hassle for anyone. There are several home lawn projects (lawn maintenance and leaf removal to name a few) that you can consider gifting that will allow your loved one to enjoy more downtime outside during the warm winter months.


  • Amazon Echo Dot – Who doesn’t need their own personal concierge? This hands-free device is voice-controlled to play music, give weather reports, read the news, answer questions, tell jokes, check sports scores, read audio books, and much more, all on demand for only $50.


  • HVAC System Preventative Maintenance Plan Failing to maintain a home’s HVAC system can result in energy loss, poor indoor air quality, premature equipment failure, not to mention safety risk from leaks. The national average cost for an annual maintenance contract is between $200 and $500.


  • Home Monitoring Seniors are a soft target for burglars looking for a resident who is easy to subdue, so consider a home monitoring system that can reduce the likelihood of their residence being targeted. Studies show that 60% of burglars moved past a house with a home security system to an easier target. Home monitoring can also provide fire emergency dispatch in the event of a fire.


  • A Helping Hand Get creative and wrap up A Helping Hand. Consider offering the services of your entire family for a day of weeding, painting, staining, window washing, or something that needs done that you’re loved one is struggling to do.


Sometimes the most meaningful gifts aren’t those that come wrapped in tissue paper in the form of a new sweater or coat, or another kitchen accessory or garage tool. Instead, some gifts are thoughtful ones that provide your special someone a much needed reprieve. When you give your elderly loved one this gift, you’ll be gifting peace of mind, safety, less stress, and more time for them to enjoy their golden years.

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