Five Tips for Staging Your Home Before it Goes on the Market

Making a home appealing to buyers is often a matter of math. Adding decorative elements, paint and lighting can transform a home. Subtracting clutter, outdated accessories and bad flooring can also help a home revamp. Cleaning, styling and decorating a home are the keys to successful staging.


If you’re in the market to sell your home but need a few tips and tricks, here are five ways to stage your home for selling success before it hits the market:


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  1. Keep it Simple


A clean, serene and well-styled living room offers a spot for potential homebuyers to linger and loiter while decision making. Moss colored paint is neutral and far from overwhelming, while white furniture is palatable to most tastes. Charming and inviting, this family room is bound to win over potential buyers.


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  1. Bliss Out the Bathroom


Real estate folklore subscribes to the idea that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Designing a bathroom space to feel like a splashy spa is sure to ignite buyer interest. Modern lighting fixtures, pretty tile floors and interesting wallpaper make this master bath feel luxurious.


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  1. Make an A-door-able Impression


The front porch is often a neglected area of home staging but it leaves a lasting impression. Pretty potted plants, a clean welcome mat and a freshly painted door go a long way to selling a home. Never leave old outdoor furniture, dirty shoes or heaps of trinkets on the porch when attempting to sell a property.


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  1. Wine and Dine ‘Em


Outfitting a dining table with a formal five-piece plate setting may seem over-the-top but it actually is a way to ensure lots of bids. Sophisticated and stylish, a dining table with all the trimmings will sway buyers who are looking for a spot for future entertaining and holiday gatherings.


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  1. Scentsational Selling


Nothing is better for enticing buyers than with some sweet aromas. From freshly baked cookies, seasonal candles and room freshening sprays, there are a variety of ways to leave a home with a tempting fragrance story. Always remember not to overdo the perfume, as this can actually repel buyers.


Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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