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Home Maintenance Tips For You 
There are few things worse than A/C problems in 100° weather. Below are some First American Home Warranty tips to beat the problems and beat the heat

How To Maintain Your A/C 
Taking care of certain tasks helps you avoid aggravations like the air conditioner sputtering out on the hottest day of the summer. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can help keep it running cool.

1. Check the Air Filter
2. Replace or Clean the Air Filter
3. Check Condensate Drain Line 
4. Clear the Drain Line Regularly

Tip: Adding a float switch to your A/C unit can help prevent damage from water leaks. 

Steps For Changing Your Air Filter 
Changing the air filter on your HVAC system is one of the best things you can do to keep your system running efficiently and help improve the air quality in your home.
Located Your Air Filter on the blower compartment of your furnace or A/C, in an attached filter case
Or, behind a ceiling- or wall-mounted return air grille
Know Your Filter Size if you’re not sure what size and type of air filter your system requires, you’ll need to remove the current filter to check the dimensions
Tip: As you remove the filter, take note of the direction of the arrows on the filter’s edge. This will be important when you install the new filter.
Now… Follow These Steps to Replace the Filter
Use your thermostat to turn off your air conditioner or heater.
If you haven’t already removed the old air filter, remember to note the direction of the arrows on the filter’s edge as you take the old filter out.
Insert the new filter with the arrows facing in the same direction as the old filter. The arrows should point in the direction the air is flowing. For a ceiling-mounted filter, the arrows should face up. For a filter next to your blower, the arrows should typically point towards the blower.
How Often to Change Your Filter
Most standard 1-inch air filters have a 3-month life, but when to change your filter depends on these factors:
How often do you run your HVAC system? If you live somewhere hot and humid and run your system all day every day, you may need to change your filter once per month.
Do you have pets, smoke, or have allergies? Your filter should probably be changed more often than every three months, which is the typical manufacturer recommendation.
HVAC Filter Tips
Write the date on the edge of the filter so you can see when it was last changed.
Sign up for a service that ships you filters at one, two, or three month intervals.
For heavy-use months, a good reminder is to change your air filter the day your new utility bill arrives.

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